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Original House

Original House

Original House is the trading name for Original House Ltd No 6761433
VAT No 971 3642 12

Archie Mackie set up Original House in 2008, having worked in the industry for 5 years before that, in one of the founding Architectural Salvage Companies, LASSCO.

My passion is sourcing unique and unusual interior furniture and lighting. Our style is difficult to describe without falling into a bracket.  It is basically vintage, industrial, slightly retro mixed in with old utilitarian pieces that would have been used in say a shop…we also love pieces that pack a punch with original old paint.

Our ideal placement would be in a pale, white, modern, timber clad, box shaped building with big sliding doors looking over the sea. Maybe a polished concrete alcove to frame one of our rare pieces.  Of course the contrast of one of our pieces surrounded by some Georgian coving is equally appealing.

Everything is restored in house, by us, to a standard that will  make it useable on a daily basis.  All of the original patina and colour that is practical will be retained. We never try to make things look old that are not.  If we are adding another element to an old piece or if something practical needs pointing out it will be clearly described.

We have been in the industry for a while and get impatient with passing trends and strive to find more interesting and uniquepieces with history yet look contemporary in a modern setting.  It is a strong bold look.

We have been supplying restaurants and some of the best boutique hotels across the world – these designers can make us very proud with how they set some of our pieces, amongst modern furniture and lighting, our pieces injecting a sense of the past.

We deal within the trade of Designers and Architects as well as directly with private clients.

We have a warehouse/showroom in the Cotswolds just 3 miles north of Cirencester at Lyncroft Business Park, Perrots Brook.  Please do not hesitate to get in touch, viewings can easily be arranged by appointment as well as any shipping - which is global.

The Bathurst Arms 5 minutes away.
The Kings Head 10 minutes away in historic Cirencester.

Terms and Conditions

"Buyer" means the person placing the order with Original House.
"Company" means Original House ltd.
"Contract" means the contract for the supply of goods including the conditions.
"Goods" means the goods / merchandise that Original House is to supply in relation to the terms and as detailed on any invoice.

Goods remain the property of Original House until the payment has been received in full and goods will not be delivered or collected until the payment has cleared.

Prices are shown including any tax.  Where applicable this tax is worked out using the Margin Scheme, and this can not be reclaimed.  There are cases when the company is selling reproduction goods and Vat @ the current rate is included in the price.
At any stage if a customer would prefer to be quote prices + VAT.  This can easily be arranged.  Useful for trade etc.
Any goods supplied to EU member countries will be invoiced without VAT as long as the buyer is registered for VAT in the country of destination with a current VAT number, including the country code. Identification may also be required.

Prices are quoted in British Sterling, £. Any overseas buyers will be charged at the exchange rate at the time of invoicing. Prices are correct at this time but may be subject to revision and market fluctuation. Delivery will be charged on top of these prices.

Refunds are not offered to goods purchased. Credit notes may be offered to the full value of the goods excluding any delivery / collection charge, providing that they are returned within 1 week of the date of invoicing. Credit notes must be used within 12 months of the date of issue. Goods will only be accepted for return if they are returned in the same condition as at the invoice date. A 20% restocking fee may be deducted from the credit note at the company's discretion.

Many of our goods are 'antique / reclaimed' and it is the responsibility of the buyer to satisfy themselves that the condition, quality, and function of the goods will will suit the buyers intended use.

Pictures / Photographs.

All the pictures on this website are taken 'in house' and are copyrighted and therefore belong to Original House Ltd.  Please ask for permission if you wish to reproduce these in anyway.

The company's liability to the buyer will at no time exceed the price of the goods supplied. The company shall be under no liability whatsoever for any loss, damage or expense whether direct or indirectly resulting from the supply of goods.

Dimensions / Timings / Descriptions.
All dimensions and timings provided are estimated and approximated. The company endeavors to provide information about the provenance / age of goods. However, the company can give no guarantee as to the accuracy of this information.

Electrical goods.
Unless otherwise stated all electrical goods are sold as antique and will require rewiring / testing and a certificate by a qualified electrician.

Woodworm / woodboring beetle / common furniture beetle.  
As all of our furniture has some age to it there may be evidence of old worm.  As a rule we re-treat anything that may or may not have worm if there is any evidence.  However, it is impossible to be 100 % certain that this treatment is totally effective and Original House takes no responsibility for any damaged caused to furniture supplied or to surrounding furniture or building materials.

New Zinc Tops.
Some of our items have new zinc tops.  Zinc is a beautiful and interesting material but it does have some characteristic that anyone buying it needs to be aware or.  Please have a good read of all the details within this link and make sure you are fully aware of its properties - do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any further questions.
Zinc Blog

Finishes/Care instructions


Each radiator is carefully inspected for finish quality prior to dispatch, then carefully wrapped. Should your radiator suffer any damage during positioning then we can supply touch up pots of paint free of charge.


Full polish and Highlight finished radiators external surfaces should be kept dry at all times. A light coat of oil will prevent any surface rust appearing and will need to be reapplied as required.


Prior to dispatching your radiators we have assembled and pressure tested each radiator to 12 bar pressure over a 24 hour period. The normal pressure of a central heating system is 2 – 3 bar of pressure.


Original House radiators are guaranteed against any manufacturing defects for a period of 10 years with effect from the date of purchase on the invoice.  Original House will offer a full replacement for any faulty goods caused by improper manufacture, but the purchaser is responsible for the costs relating to the disconnection/reconnection and delivery and collection to the Manufacturer workshop.  This Guarantee is subject to the following exclusions:-


  • The defect is due to incorrect installation, improper operation, misuse, accidents.
  • Proof of purchase is not available
  • The guarantee is invalid if the radiator has been powder-coated or shot blasted after purchase.
  • Original House reserves the right to replace only the defective section of the radiator.
  • Original House is not liable for any consequential loss caused directly or indirectly by any defects in its goods.
  • The first retail purchaser of the goods is the benefactor of this warranty and the warranty is not assignable.

The company can quote for delivery Nationally and Worldwide.
When the company has used a third party for this purpose any damage / missing goods must be inspected for at the time of delivery and reported using the delivery note to Original House within 3 days. Any damage after this period will not be the responsibility of the company. The deliveries are 'Curb side' only and it is the responsibility of the buyer to arrange suitable carriage of the goods into the building. Storage can be arranged with the company and is generally free for a period of 2 weeks. At the company's discretion storage may be charged after this period.

This contract is subject to the law of England and Wales.

+ 44 (0) 7909 581411   info@original-house.co.uk