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Original House

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Green Vintage Bottle Lamps

These 19th / 20th century flasks were sourced from France - originally the bottles would have been encased in an iron basket stuffed with straw to protect them and their contents!


We have converted these bottles into interesting table lamps.


We have used modern brass bayonet style bulb holders and have black braided flex curving through the bottles. All tested and ready to go.


The shapes and colours do vary between them and there are some imperfections within the glass as per their age and production methods of the time.


The largest flask has some sugar crystals on the inside from where the contents have evaporated - I believe there is even a wasp embedded where it has met its' happy fate !  There is also sealing wax adding to its' character.


£ 220.00

Code : 480


+ 44 (0) 7909 581411   info@original-house.co.uk