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Original House

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Small Brass Ships Bulkhead Lights

These brass wall mounted bulkhead lights would have run down the corridor of a ship built in the 1930's.  Unusually these are not quite at 90 degrees which can be seen in the pictures.

These have been polished but not to an overly bright finish so that they retain a lot of their character.

The insides have been replaced with a new brass bayonet style bulb holder - making installation very straight forward.

If you look carefully at the second to last picture you can see that these are not a matching set.  There is a set of three along the top then a pair with the lines in the glass ( 1 of which is sold ) and a single one on the bottom.

Aprox 22 cm h x 16 d x 12 w.

On request we can potentially source more of these.

£ 135.00

Code : 427


+ 44 (0) 7909 581411   info@original-house.co.uk