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1950's Admel Architects Table

This vintage architect's table has such an iconic 1950's feel to it.  The base looks like an early 20th century New York sky scraper.

The base is cast aluminium with a painted finish which has plenty of patina and wear to it.

There is a weight inside the base which works as a counter balance to the height adjusting mechanism - this is in good working order.

There should be a spring which controls the pivot of the tilting movement.  This sadly no longer works so it is more fiddly to adjust the angle of the table top.  The price is very much reflecting this.

All in all an imposing and useful piece.

Dimensions measured from the angle of the first picture.

Height from floor to the front edge of the table top (depending on the angle): 69 cm rising to 97 cm h.  The table top is 91 h x 137.5 cm w.

£ 650.00 | Code : 2412

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