19th Century Huge Copper Cheese Vats


These impressive copper bowls are circa 1880 and were sourced in Provence where they were used in cheese making.

In great condition with some lovely natural verdigris patina.  These antique cheese vats are water tight made from thick gauge copper.

We love these as a sculptural garden piece or even planted with a tree, our kids think these would make a great hot tub or fountain for them to swim in!  They are even more beautiful filled with water.

Vat on the left is more copper colour inside and out 70 cm h x 143 diameter.
Vat on the right is darker with more verdigris 70 cm h x 150 diameter.

These are now sold - please get in touch if you are interested, we are on the case to source some more.

£4200.00 | Code : 2772
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