19th Century Walnut Bookcase


We sourced this piece from a friend of ours called Celia, who brought it back from her house in the South of France.

Initially we thought this was an Art Deco piece with its exaggerated crown on the top.  Having had a good look at it and how it is put together it is certainly later.

It has a booked matched walnut veneer which is when they split the veneer either side of the centre so that the natural pattern of the wood is symmetrical, like a butterfly's open wings.

It has been previously restored with some evidence of this as pointed out in the pictures - including newish glazing.  All in all in very good practical condition.  The piece breaks down ( 19th century flat pack ) for ease of transport.

207 cm h x 153 w x 62 d

£2600.00 | Code : 3178
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