Antique Apothecary Cabinet


We sourced this impressive Apothecary bank of drawers in Normandy, France.

Such pieces are becoming increasingly difficult to find and we are amazed to have found this beautiful piece.  Circa 1920's.

120 drawers with original enamelled numbers.  We have spent some time restoring this - really just tightening everything up, treating the old signs of worm, rebuilding a couple of drawers and re-working all 120 of them to slide properly.  It would have been easy to have over polished the entire piece making it much darker in colour and really losing much of its character and evident age.

A few bumps and scrapes, a mish mash of handles and plenty of signs of its working life with drawing pins etc where labels would have been pinned to the drawer front.

Generally now good and sturdy and a useful size for a modern home - really should be looked at as a piece of 'artwork'.

177 cm h x 151 w x 35.5 d ( Drawers 8.5 cm h x 10.6 w x 28 d internally ).

£4400.00 | Code : 3153
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