Antique Austrian Mariage Cupboard


We have been keen to get our hands on some of these wonderfully hand painted cupboards for a while and finally have a good source.

These were hand painted to celebrate weddings and other occasions.

This cupboard is early 19th Century with original paint.  The inside is lined with a fabric, possibly done in the 1950's.  This is in good condition with a small amount of fading.

Lovely natural patina to the paint with a few bumps and scrapes, we have wire brushed this to remove any loose flakey bits.  There are a few signs of old worm which we have re-treated to be safe and all in all this is structurally in very good usable condition.

Very much a unique piece of furniture.

186 cm h x 140 w x 50 d

£2600.00 | Code : 3090
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