Antique Portuguese Olive Bowls


These antique terracotta olive jars really are stunning.  The handmade patterns in the clay as well as the 'black' patina which comes from years of olive oil seeping through really does produce a beautiful form.

These 19th Century pots are from a Villa in Alentejo, Portugal.

In very good condition for their age and there are no cracks.  We are often asked if these will be ok outside in the frost.  They are over 100 years old so we cannot guarantee them but the terracotta is over 5 cm thick and these have often been outside in the mountains most of their lives.  We haven't had any problems with this thus far...

The metal stands are later than the pots and hold them very well.  We also love these off the stands and even on their sides.

Just the larger one on the left now available 85 cm h x 73 across ( 100 cm h on the stand ).

£1000.00 | Code : 2645
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