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Antique French Banque Counter

This pitch pine counter is circa 1930 / 40's and was sourced in France. 

We believe that this was used in a bank.  Our reasoning for this is that firstly it is numbered at the front with a little brass tag, secondly there are little brass inserts on the top around the edge and we think these would have located a wire surround for privacy. Thirdly it is very decorative for a normal shop counter and fourthly  .... the drawers have metal runners for excessive use ........... our only reason for thinking it might not have been in a bank is that some little shit has scratched his initials on the top !

Great structural condition with masses of natural patina especially on the top !

78 cm h x 219 l x 82 d.

£ 2400.00 | Code : 2364

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