Antique Spanish Olive Jars


This latest batch of antique terracotta pots have all come from the Tarragona region of NE Spain and are the style of the region with yellow/green glaze and handles.

These are great in the garden as they have wide bases and are thick/heavy terracotta.  

Circa 1900 these have all have been checked for cracks and are all good. Being antique pots there is no guarantee against frost damage.  However, these are properly made by hand and thus far haven't had any negative feedback with this.

These do have some remanence of olive residue inside - all part of the original charm. 

Also lovely interior pieces whether planted with a fig tree or just filling an awkward space.

A £ 700.00 / 68 cm h x 58 diameter. 
B £ 550.00 / 57 cm h x 49 diameter. 
C £ 630.00 / 61 cm h x 55 diameter. 

£0.00 | Code : 3072
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