Cast Iron Clock Mirror

These cast iron clock faces are 19th century from an English clock tower.

Obviously these have seen better days but aesthetically are wonderful and we have converted them into mirrors with some new glass.

Please note they are quite sharp in places and very heavy and quite hard to man handle.... once they are up on the wall they will be very happy.  For hanging there are 4 holes in the frame which can be used with some black dome headed screws (supplied).

Left £ 1100.00 SOLD.
Right £ 700.00 This one has retained less of its numerals and the silicone holding the glass in place is not as neat - please look closely at the pictures.  Really only very noticeable if you are up close to the mirror.

Note how the diamond edging creates an interesting shadow on the wall.

116 cm diameter in total.

£600.00 | Code : 3214
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