Green Lemons Table Lamp


This is a new idea for us.  We are developing an idea of converting these fantastic ceramic vases into fun table lamps.  This one is very much a stack of green lemons rather than limes.  The idea is to have some fun / modern lighting to mix in with our antique / vintage furniture.  They also do a stack of yellow lemons - please do get in touch if you are interested in these.

The glazed ceramic vases are handmade by a small company in Holland.  We are in talks with them to have a shipment of vases to convert into table lamps.

We have converted this using antiqued bronze fittings and soft braided orange flex. All PAT tested and ready to go.

Currently this one is being sold as a 1 off.  As it is new the price includes VAT @ 20 %.  So £ 300 + vat.

£360.00 | Code : 3107
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