Harlequin Painted Shop Counter


We know exactly where this antique shop counter was from as when restoring it found labels tucked between some boards.  Late 19th Century from The Patisserie Viennoise, Beziers, France.

A fairly plain counter which we have added the diamonds in the Harlequin fashion to make it a bit more jolly - we are very happy with the results.  The original paint has lots of natural patina and the colours work very well with the added diamonds.

Some restoration and all in all a very good and sturdy piece.  We love this as a kitchen island or in a retail situation.

We have some quotes to replace the top, if desired.  Zinc £ 650 / Copper £ 800.

90 cm h x 239.5 l x 73 d

£3200.00 | Code : 3159
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