Huge Landscape Painting by Anthony Garrett


We are really excited to have found this amazing coastal painting by contemporary painter Anthony Garrett.

Garrett was commissioned in 2015 to paint 4 large Landscapes to be mounted in the position they were painted.  This 'Four Anglesey' series was set along the coast of Anglesey.

We believe that this painting titled 'A Nod to Ynys Dulas', is the sole survivor of the 4 as the others were damaged in a storm.

The island, Ynys Dulas, depicted in the painting, was stocked with food and water for sailors shipwrecked in these notoriously stormy seas.

This painting has a fantastic energy to it, not just from its sheer scale but the way the light drawers you in.  These paintings were conceived to be weathered by the coastal elements and this one does have some wear, mostly along the base.  We love  this as it tells a story and gives it history - it is not perfect.

Acrylic and oil on marine ply board. UV varnish.

We stumbled across this when buying the cricket table from a contact in Anglesey.  In this business you never know what you are going to stumble across !

It is a wonderful piece, especially in the flesh.  Please do make an appointment if you would like to view it.

In the Press.

200 cm h x 245 w

£7500.00 | Code : 2831
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