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Pattern Block Coffee Table

Sourced from a steel works in the Netherlands.  These are really unusual tables - probably only 2 ever made ...  The surface is made from the base of a pattern used in the sand casting process.  Circa 1940's.

If you imagine an open topped box.  This coffee table would have been the base.  A pattern ( such as the red ones in the last picture ) would have laid on the base of the box - leaving the distinctive shadow on the coffee table top.  Oily sand would have been poured into the box and pounded down.  The box would have then been flipped over.  The base with the pattern taken off, leaving a negative of the pattern in the sand. Molten steel would have been poured in to reproduce the wooden pattern in steel.  This pattern would have produced half of a fly wheel.

We have given these a light sand and refinished the tops with an Osmo oil to seal and protect the surface.

Being of the industrial vibe with solid steel feet these are very heavy !

31 cm h x 166 w x 107 d.

£ 1100.00 | Code : 2328

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