Portuguese Workbench


This is an unusual find for us.  This 1930's workbench has a teak top.  It has been beautifully made with over engineered dovetail components and lovely lines and details that really, are unnecessary for a workbench.  Whoever built it obviously took pride in their work.

This has been given a good clean, sanded inside and out.  The teak has been oiled with a linseed oil.  There was originally a trough for tools at the back which we have filled with a piece of reclaimed pine from another old workbench to give a flat surface.

Plenty of bumps and scrapes, all very authentic - the drawers have been worked on and now run smoothly.

It is a heavy piece - the top lifts off the base for transport. 

Awesome in a hallway !

93 cm h x 250 l inc vice x 72 d inc vice or 61 d with the front vice removed.

£1900.00 | Code : 3077
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