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Rare Station Clock

This is first time we have seen a clock like this.  It is double sided and would have been wall mounted.  It is late 19th Century, Dutch.

The body is cast iron with a lead relief down the front and the top and the chimney is zinc.  Originally this would have had a lantern inside it to illuminate the faces from within.

When we found the clock it had very thick beige paint over it.  We have knocked this back to reveal the older colour and reveal the interesting detail in the castings.

We have fitted the clock with new battery mechanisms and new hands.

You can see from the pictures that there is masses of patina the glass faces also have some small chips and marks.

Being cast iron it is very heavy.  It is open at the back where it is mounted to the wall and there is an opening hatch underneath to access the workings.

58 cm h ( 87 h with chimney ) 61 w x 60 d.

£ 2100.00 | Code : 1953

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