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Upcycled Rounded Burnt Orange Bottle Lamps

These 19th century French bottles would have been used for brewing and storing all sorts of things such as walnut wines. The colour of these helps to protect the contents from the sun.

We have converted these bottles into interesting table lamps.

We have used modern brass bayonet style bulb holders and have light blue braided flex curving through the bottles. All PAT tested and ready to go.

Please look closely at the pictures as the condition of the bottles does vary between them, as per their age and use. There are some scratches / sediment / limescale.

1 x  one on the right is slightly lighter in colour 49 cm h x 29 across.

1 x one on the left, has more limescale in the bottom 45 cm h 27 across.

£ 145.00 | Code : 2529

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