Upcycled Zinc Topped Table


This vintage industrial table is upcycling at its best.

The base was sourced locally to us in the Cotswolds and came from a 19th century wool milling factory in Dursley, Gloucestershire.  The company was called R.A Lister and Co Ltd.

The round rim is actually an iron cart wheel from around the same period if not even older.

My good friend Andy has put the two together and made this zinc insert producing a really interesting  and unusual table - no one else will have one of these !

Plenty of natural patina to the base and rim and the new zinc has been aged and waxed.

78 cm h x 122 across. Seats 8.

Reduced from £ 1800 - £ 1500 for november only.

£1500.00 | Code : 1218
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