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Vintage French Cold Cabinet

It has been a few years since we have managed to source one of these early 20th Century fridges. 

We love them, such awesome storage !  If you look at the chrome hinges and handles they are very much Art Deco dating this piece to 1920's / 30's.  This one is branded S.A.T.A.M.

We have given this a good clean inside and out.  Apart from that it is 100% authentic having come straight out of a grocers in Le Puy, France.

It would have had a refrigeration unit in the vented compartment to cool the unit.  It is certainly possible to convert this back into a working fridge - but that is not something we would get involved with.

In good structural condition with all the hinges / catches etc working well.

163 cm h x 136 w x 58 d ( not including the handles ).


£ 2600.00 | Code : 2474

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