Vintage Metal Letters


This very rare collection of large metal letters was sourced from 3 different buildings in the North of France.  Making a great display.

Most of the letters are made from zinc with some of the smaller ones being made from aluminium.  All are painted, there are 3 different shades of brown in the collection with a few bumps and scrapes and natural distressing.

Circa 1940 - 1960.

Sold as a collection of 22.  2 more collections of 22 available so 66 letters in total.

M measures 55 cm h x 70 w x 6.6 d.
Z measures 25 cm h x 20 w x 8 d.

Set up on the wall this group measures approximately 2.3 m h x 4.5 w.

£1800.00 | Code : 1527
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