Vintage Industrial Dining Table


We love the simplicity and smooth lines of these 'A' shaped cast iron machine bases.  Finish wise we have done nothing to these and their patina is fantastic, some original paint colour as well as natural discolouring of the cast iron.

We have married these low bases by adding dark blue painted blocks of wood, the table tops are bolted through all of this to make a very sturdy table.

The tops are made from reclaimed benches from a Soviet era gym.  They have been given a light sand and finished with a shellac lacquer to protect the wood. These are not perfectly flat - but very nearly !

The blue blocks look lighter here as i had my camera lights on them under the table - really you hardly see them from a standing position.

77 cm h x 218.5 l x 78.5 w

£1200.00 | Code : 1438
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