19th Century Spanish Terracotta Pots

These antique Spanish pots have a fantastic detail and patina - really very special and rare.

These are mid 19th century and certainly pots B and C have been outside most of their lives.  The surface is quite pitted, producing this amazing patina.  Because of this I would not recommend these for outside use.  Pot A has a much smoother surface and we would hope good for outside.

Pots A and C are from Calanda (Aragon, N.E. Spain), with fantastic decoration and markings. Priced @ £650.00 each. A, 63 cm h x 52 diameter. C, 72 cm h x 55 diameter.

Pot B is a Honeycomb from Sestrica (also N.E Spain). Priced @ £ 750.00. 76 cm h x 56 diameter.

Lovely interior pieces whether planted with a fig tree or just beautifying an awkward space.

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