Antique Terracotta Pots

These stunning antique painted terracotta pots are from the Sierra de la Virgen above Sestrica, N.E Spain.

These were used for storing grains and are pre 1900.

The original paint has a wonderful naturally distressed look to it.  We love these in the garden but also around the house.

A few bumps and scrapes but all have been checked and there are no new problem cracks.  We are often asked if these will be ok outside in the frost.  They are over 100 years old so we cannot guarantee them but the terracotta is over 5 cm thick and these have often been outside in the mountains most of their lives.  We haven't had any problems with this thus far.

Bright Green 80 cm h x 48 across.
Bright blue which is know as Cadaques blue 86 cm h x 55 across.

5 currently available, priced and sold individually.  Red dots are sold.

£700.00 | Code : 2628a
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