Huge Portuguese Wine Jar

This really is an impressive 18th Century urn or bowl from a Villa in Alentejo, Portugal.

It would have originally been used for producing wine.

There is a makers symbol on one side with holes equally spaced.  We believe these were used for drawing out the wine as it fermented and settled leaving the sediment at the bottom.

There is also a later hole in the base for drainage.

This has been outside in the elements most its life and the thick earthenware has been eroded producing this amazing textured patina - with bits of stone showing in the clay. 

A few bumps and scrapes but all have been checked and there are no cracks.  We are often asked if these will be ok outside in the frost.  They are over 100 years old so we cannot guarantee them but the terracotta is over 5 cm thick and these have often been outside in the mountains most of their lives.  We haven't had any problems with this thus far.

The stand is later and holds it very well.  It is a heavy piece with no cracks or damage.

Just the pot 93 cm h x 78 across.  113 h on its stand.

£1200.00 | Code : 2644

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