Olive Pressing Mats

These round vintage mats were sourced from a Spanish farm.  These were used in the process of pressing olive oil.  The matts were stacked on top of each other with the mashed pulp of the olives between each mat.  These were then pressed with a screw or hydraulic press.  The oil would seep out the sides leaving the pulp in the mats.

It is quite hard to age these as they are still used today on some smaller olive groves .

They certainly have some age to them and the jute weave has some signs of wear.

We love these as a funky wall display or as a door or bath mat.

80 cm across x 5 d.  These are slightly thicker around the edges than the middle - like a red blood cell ...

Just 1 now available.  The last one has a mark to it so I've discounted it from £ 75 to £ 40.  Please get in touch if you would like a picture.

£75.00 | Code : 2366

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